how do u guys find people to rp with bc my luck has been scarce since the great days of msn back in 08


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The real reason he rides on such a tiny frame is because he can’t bear to change it.

Yowamushi Pedal 
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See you next water time! (or not)

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class needs to end so I can go home and be sad about akira all over again

and, you know, be able to go on twitter again lol

  • naruto: you're my one and only best friend!!!
  • neji: -rolls over in his grave-
  • gaara: -a single tear rolls down his face-
  • sakura: are you fucking kidding me
  • itachi: CLOSE ENOUGH



Sports anime bingo. Check off a space while watching whatever episode, and enjoy the knowledge that you’re going to hell.

I see what you did there with the…Free! space.

Ocean’s daughter, I thought love was out of reach.

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Makoto no shush let Haru do his thing 

Mizuki’s first race <3 

*Side Note* Makoto is a swim coach at Iwatobi as well as a teacher at a school so Mizuki has been coming to his lessons since he was a baby c:


what if i just replay this game for the 50th time

my spread for kaipy's fanbook gyakuten galaxy!!


what i spent my sunday drawing : p
Kuroko no Pedal